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Looking to find other ways to celebrate our love for all things Broadway, in April 2019 we expanded our physical footprint in Times Square with our Broadway Gift Shop. Every item, from tote bag to t-shirt to ornament to button, is designed by our Green Team and created by hand in our production facility in Herald Square by theatre-doers for theatre-lovers!

Handmade with Broadway love, our mission is to highlight the 41 Broadway marquees in creative, whimsical, one-of-a-kind mementos that will capture the spirit and joy of the theatre district

Our Broadway Gift Shop is currently located just south of 45th Street and Broadway in the center of Times Square.

Can't join us in person? Our entire collection is also available online! Our "green packages of love" ship out almost as quick as Amazon Prime direct from NYC to you - anywhere in the world


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12pm - 6pm

12pm - 6pm

12pm - 6:30pm

11:30am - 6:30pm

11:30am - 6pm

12pm - 6pm

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Green Team Owner Tim's vision for The Broadway Sign was an
assemblage of marquee letters, each appearing to have been taken from eight different colorful marquees, to spell out our favorite word.

With the help of our graphic designer Christopher Kind, and the stellar production skills of The Smart Department in Brooklyn, Tim's 6-foot tall vision was brought to fruition. The Broadway Sign stands next to our Gift Shop as a whimsical photo opportunity just steps from our Broadway theaters. 


Check out our Instagram for our "Friday Faves" - a weekly highlight of our favorite Broadway Sign photos taken by YOU!

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Looking at the details of a ticket stub bring all of the memories from that theatrical experience flooding back. Where were you sitting? Did you score an amazingly cheap TKTS ticket? Was it the first preview on a Monday night? 

Provide us with all of your ticket details and we'll
engrave your own custom magnet, ornament, or keychain to permanently imprint that moment in time. Check out Online Gift Shop to place your order today!

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For the first time ever you can log every show you've ever seen on Broadway in one place!


Full of hand drawn illustrations and fun facts, each theater has a stamp page ready to fill with our custom Broadway stamp designs every time you see a show.


Head over to our Online Gift Shop for a glimpse inside. Order yours today and start putting your stamp on Broadway! 


On October 9, 2020, the Broadway League announced that all theaters would be shuttered until May 30, 2021. Nearly seven months to the day that the theaters first closed on March 11, 2020 in the wake of the Global Pandemic, all hope seemed to be lost for the theatrical

community and beyond.

At almost exactly the same time, Broadway Up Close Owner Tim Dolan received an envelope from his friend, musical director extraordinaire
Jose Simbulan. Inside Tim found four perfectly folded green origami paper cranes and a letter that read "One day closer..."

In Japanese culture, the crane is a holy animal that is believed to live for a thousand years. They represent a wish for peace, hope, and recovery. An ancient Japanese legend promises that anyone who folds a thousand paper cranes will be granted a wish. Looking for a tangible way to express his hope for Broadway's safe and successful return, Tim implored the virtual world of theatre-lovers around the globe to send in an origami paper crane with a Broadway wish or memory written on it. Within a week the first envelope arrived and The Broadway Paper Crane Project was born.

Over the course of the next six months,
1,304 cranes made of Playbills, sheet music, and

colored paper were sent in from around the world accompanied by

emotional hand-written notes and cards.

Sembazuru, the traditional Japanese way of displaying the cranes, consists of 25 strings of 40 cranes each. For our display, we wanted to showcase Times Square's glorious Tower that stands before you. Other than a Walgreens on the bottom floors, and a conference room near the top used for the annual New Year's Eve celebrations, the majority of the iconic building is empty. Tim and his designer Chris re-imagined that landmark full of cranes, filling the panes of glass. On the exterior are the 41 Broadway theater marquees symbolizing the vibrant industry that surrounds the Tower. Looming above is our "Ball of Fame" - a recreation of the iconic ball engraved with the names of all who sent in cranes. And inside the ball are the letters and cards that accompanied the cranes, creating a

time capsule above the 2020 numerals.


We revel in Broadway history - its magic, details, and epic stories. But perhaps our favorite pieces are the buildings themselves, brick by brick. In addition to our handmade gifts, a small display of tangible Broadway history lives at our Gift Shop in Times Square with our 1917 Morosco Theatre Brick.

The full display
inscription reads:

In 1982, five theaters (the Astor, Bijou, Gaiety, Helen Hayes, and Morosco) were slated for demolition to make way for the Marriott Marquis Hotel that stands in Times Square today. On March 22nd, amid protests and the “Save The Theaters” campaign, horrified New Yorkers watched as wrecking balls reduced the theaters to a pile of rubble. Known as the “Great Theater Massacre,” it was a dark day in Broadway’s history.

But theatre people are resilient. Using this devastating moment for good, they achieved landmark status for the remaining Broadway theaters. Out of darkness, there was light.

This brick from architect Herbert J. Krapp’s Morosco Theatre was salvaged from the rubble by actor John Long, and for thirty-nine years it traveled with him as he moved from apartment to apartment. In 2020, during the bleakest days of the Global Pandemic, he gifted it to Broadway Up Close Owner Tim Dolan. It now sits here, mere blocks from its original home, as a physical reminder of how dark things can get, but how the marquee bulbs will eventually glow again, even brighter than before.

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