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Tour Guides Up Close: Theresa Flanagan

In creating Broadway Up Close it has always been important to me to be surrounded by a staff of highly talented theatre professionals that are as excited as I am to share the joy and wonder of a life in the theatre. As we continue to update our website with photos and bios of each of our staff members I thought it would be nice to get an even more in-depth "snapshot" of them individually. Below is our Broadway Up Close Questionnaire filled out by one of our most senior tour guides: Theresa Flanagan!

Thanks for reading and see you on the sidewalk!

Tim Dolan

Tour Guides Up Close: THERESA FLANAGAN

Website Final - Theresa.png

Full name: Theresa Catherine Flanagan

Where you were born: Mountain View, CA

Siblings: 2 sisters (Beth and Sarah), 1 brother (Chris)

How long you've lived in NYC: Since August 2001

Favorite place in NYC: The Cloisters

Special Skills: American Sign Language. Trapeze, Spanish Rope, Tightwire, Stilts. Yep.

First Broadway show you ever saw: Show Boat (the Hal Prince revival in 1994)

Favorite Broadway show: West Side Story

If you could go back in time and catch any show, what would it be: Cary Donaldson in Mrs. Warren’s Profession!

Current show you have been recommending: Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Favorite showtune of all time: The Carousel Waltz

The one performance attended that you will never forget: Coram Boy

Favorite Theater: The Music Box

Tours You Guide: Act I, Act II

Moment you knew you wanted to be involved in theater professionally: When I was 11, my class went to see a high school production of “42nd Street” and our teacher explained that the students had built the set and designed the lights, etc. That blew my mind! I had been performing in children’s theatre, but from then on, I knew I wanted to work on the production side of things!

Where you went to college: Wagner College

Most challenging show you’ve ever worked on: A non-union bus and truck tour of “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” (with BUC owner Tim Dolan!)

Worst show mishap: Oh, there have been many…There was the time the cast mixed up scenes- Scene 3 and Scene 5 started very similarly, so they did Scene 1, Scene 2 and then jumped to Scene 5! They got too far into it to turn back, so they did the whole scene, then did Scene 4, then had no choice but to do Scene 5 AGAIN!...Or there was the time an actor had a stroke mid-show…or the time an actor fell off a 12’ platform and landed on a piano…or the time the main rag flew IN instead of OUT at the top of the show, until the audience could see the top pipe coming in as the curtain piled up on the deck...

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