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Three Days To See - A Stage Manager's Notes

As a BUC tour guide, it will come as no surprise when I say that I love history. Theatre history, NYC history, history in general! Whenever I’m working on a production, I love to know about the history surrounding the theatre I’m in and the show I’m on.

The theatre I’m in:

New York Theatre Workshop (79 E. 4th Street between the Bowery and 2nd Ave)

In my opinion, this is one of the greatest theaters in New York City! NYTW has a mission to develop “inventive new works” and foster emerging playwrights and directors – so this theater has seen an amazing breadth of art pass through it's doors! In recent years, shows like Once and Peter And The Starcatcher have started here before moving to Broadway, but more special to me is the fact that Rent was born here! Little-known fact: The back wall of the stage, which looks like a brick wall, is fake! It was built for Rent and has held up ever since! What a privilege it is to make art on a stage that has hosted Sybille Pearson, Anne Bogart, Athol Fugard, Tony Kushner…the list is staggering!

The show I’m on:

Three Days To See (a Transport Group production)

This is a new show, so the history of the play itself is mere months old… but the play’s subject is an entirely different story! This show is a “reawakening of Helen Keller, in her own words”. And if there was ever someone who experienced history, it was Helen! She was born in 1880 (her father was a Confederate soldier) and she died in 1968 during the Vietnam War. She met 14 U.S. Presidents. She knew Alexander Graham Bell, Mark Twain and Charlie Chaplin. Though she was born in Alabama and traveled the world, Helen lived much of her life in Queens, NY! Another little known-fact: Helen and Teacher (Annie Sullivan) performed on the Vaudeville Circuit!

Our ensemble of seven actors paint a vivid portrait of Helen in an incredibly beautiful,

theatrical way. I have never felt quite so moved, inspired or fulfilled throughout a process. As we left the theatre tonight after our first preview, we all shared the feeling that we are a part of something truly special and magical.

Our show shares its name with an essay Helen wrote, in which she describes what she would do if she were given the gift of sight for just three days. She says that she would look at Annie Sullivan…she would take a walk in the woods…she would walk along Fifth Avenue. But the last thing she would do on the third day? “Run away to the theatre, to a hilariously funny play”!

I am thrilled to be working in a theatre with such a venerable history on a show about a woman whose history is awe-inspiring! And I am bursting with pride at the thought that this will be a moment in theatre history!

Three Days To See is playing at New York Theatre Workshop now through August 16th.

Showtimes: Tues-Sat @ 7:30pm, Sun @ 3pm

Use discount code “3DBUC” for $32.50 tickets to any performance!

Check out the trailer for Three Days To See below:

Interested in getting to know more about Theresa? Check out her guide page and a recent blog post to learn more about her career, life and accomplishments!

Photo Credits: Theresa Flanagan

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