Summer Stock At Cape Playhouse

This past July I had the great pleasure of performing at The Cape Playhouse, the oldest operating summer stock theatre in the country, playing the role of George in their production of The Drowsy Chaperone. It’s their 89th season!

This theatre is filled with so much charm and history. There is a picnic area with a gazebo outside of the theatre for patrons to enjoy the afternoon before taking in a show, and the beach is less than a mile away.

Inside the theatre is where you really get a sense of the theater’s history. The walls of the backstage area are covered with show posters of every show from all 89 seasons! Rumor has it that if a show poster is displayed upside down it means the star of the show was difficult to work with! The architecture of the house is almost like a church, with pew-like benches with cushions for seats, stained glass exit signs, and a steeple-like woodwork ceiling.